10/08/2013 05:18 pm ET

Secrets From The Insect World That'll Make You Want To Hug A Bug

If you're one of those people who thinks that insects and worms are nothing but icky, we're about to blow your mind.

1. When you get up close, you learn that bugs are downright cuddly.
Cutest bug ever

2. And that we should spend less time being scared of them and more time being jealous. Take caterpillars for example: their only job in life is to eat.
Cute Caterpillar!

3. Oh yeah, and they're more beautiful than we can even perceive. Insect wings appear transparent to us, but they're actually full of colors that our eyes can't detect.
Beautiful Wings of Color

4. Some bugs are all about giving. Like ants. They have two stomachs, one for them and one to feed others.
c'ANT' u leave me alone?!

5. They even take care of other species of insects. They'll sometimes shuttle aphids from plant to plant, and they're so caring that leafhoppers will often leave their offspring to be raised by ants.
Ants and Aphids

6. Then there are some bugs that just want to dance.
cute insects

7. Or hang out with a buddy.
Sepasang Lantern Bug

8. Or hold hands with their beloved.
cute insects

9. Did you know that honey bees are the ultimate team players? They make all of their decisions collaboratively!

10. And that worms communicate via snuggles.
Can of Worms

11. Insects are also our helpers, especially when it comes to doing the dirty work. Take dung beetles for example. When vast herds of cattle started ruining the land in Australia with their droppings, dung beetles were called in to manage the problem.
Dung Beetle Have Right of Way sign

12. We're not making this up: Hello Kitty caterpillars exist.
cute insects

13. And so does this beetle with a smiling human face on it's back.
cute insects

14. Fireflies produce the most efficient light in the world. One hundred percent of their energy is emitted as light.. and they even glow as babies!
cute insects

15. Soldier ants might be the world's tiniest superheroes. They can carry objects that are 50 times their body weight.
Big Ant

16. Few things make us smile as much as knowing that caterpillars have bad hair days too.
Hairy caterpillar

17. Or that a praying mantis can be a little shy.
Praying Mantis - Bashful, Coy & Shy

18. Honey bees have a complex communication system that involves "dance language." Yes, really.
Baby Bee

The next time you meet a bug, don't be so quick to judge.