09/20/2013 03:55 pm ET

Krys Barch, Brett Gallant Remove Helmets To Avoid New NHL Fight Rule (VIDEO)

Devils forward Krys Barch and Islanders winger Brett Gallant already found a loophole in one of the new rules implemented for the 2013-14 season.

A new rule prohibits a player from removing his own helmet before a fight, per TSN. During a preseason game on Thursday, Barch and Gallant took each other's helmets off before going at it for their second fight of the game.
Here's what Rule 46.6 says, via "Yahoo! Sports hockey blog "Puck Daddy":

Helmets - No player may remove his helmet prior to engaging in a fight. If he should do so, he shall be assessed a two minute minor penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct. Helmets that come off in the course of and resulting from the altercation will not result in a penalty to either player.

Now what?