03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Health Care Reform: A Handjob for Insurers; Here's a Band-Aid, Shut up and Sit Down

A day or so ago, I unsubscribed to Obama's emails. It was all becoming junk mail. I'd have a better chance winning the $22 billion from that Nigerian prince than getting health care from Obama.

Yeah, Obama made me a cynic again -- not about America -- but about him. Not that I was ever that enthralled with Obama, but for a moment I believed the butterflies around him were actually butterflies. Now that the fog machine has run out of batteries, I see they're just moths flitting about a musty suit. It's shame too. I liked that suit.

In what amounts to legalized robbery, we have gone from a public option to the expansion of Medicare, to a handjob for private insurers wherein a government mandate forces us to buy private insurance for more -- while we get less.

Health insurers' America is not a country with people or ethics, but a pool of potential consumers who if not won over, will be forced to buy their goods. If there was still any question as to who -- or what -- controls this country, the People or Business, please read this proposed health care legislation as your final answer.

Maybe it's time the sick, dying, and uninsured start flooding hospitals and doctor's offices. And maybe it's time for doctors and nurses to start treating those patients, with no questions asked. And maybe this "Health-In" -- this boycott of a newfangled kind of corporate oppression we have allowed ourselves to take part in -- will spread around the nation and serve as an unprecedented resounding rebuke of private insurers and private government. Maybe by force and decree of millions of sick people needing to save their lives, private insures will be compelled to give up and our representatives will have no choice but to give in.


Or maybe they can arrest and detain every mother with breast cancer, protesting by getting life-saving treatment; every doctor protesting by treating someone's uncontrollably crying child suffering from pneumonia and unable to sleep because she's afraid to breathe from the pain and pressure in her chest; maybe they can arrest and detain everyone in this whole nation until there is no one left and because this could go on forever until someone yells "Chicken."

But we shouldn't have to resort to playing Chicken with our health, nor with our elected officials. We hired them -- they represent our business, not Big Business. But what is the other option if we don't come together in some kind of "Health-In" for the common good of this nation, for each other, for ourselves?

What is the other option if we're not in this together? We wait? We've already been doing that.

Have we become so complacent that we just stand by and watch this all unfold on TV? What happened to standing together and accepting nothing but the very best from our government? Is this really what's become of America?

I hear so much about the fall of America, but I have to say, should someone write America's epitaph, it won't say, "Because business won." -- it will say "Because the people gave up."