09/17/2013 03:09 pm ET

Ben Affleck On The Difference Between Raising Boys And Girls: 'My Son Just Runs Into Walls'


Ben Affleck has declared what all women already know, and most men wouldn't like to admit. The star's epiphany came about after realizing how different it is to raise boys and girls, he explained to Jimmy Fallon.

"I went around my whole life thinking I was more or less as smart as women, and then I had kids and realized I couldn't have been more wrong. Like my son, he just run into walls," the dad of three said.

So what if he isn't the perfect Batman candidate? All signs point to him being a parenting superhero.

New dad, Fallon (who is also in the running for best dad ever), of course, had to talk about his daughter too. "I just can't stop staring at her," he said.