09/16/2013 07:07 am ET Updated Nov 16, 2013

Star-Approved Stays: Where Celebs Check-In Down Under

By Kristen McKenzie,

Angelina Jolie has recently set Aussie gossip mags aflutter since she touched down in Sydney with her kids in tow earlier this month. In town to film a movie, Jolie and her tots have been spotted across town enjoying the city's many attractions, including the aquarium and the world-famous Taronga Zoo.

The pillow-lipped beauty is the latest in a long list of fellow A-list celebs like Ellen, Oprah and Lady Gaga who've frolicked under the Aussie sun. And when major stars descend upon the island country, there are only a handful of ultra-luxurious hotels around the country that get the honor of hosting them. With their spectacular suites, top-notch customer service, amazing amenities and most importantly, respect for privacy, these five-star properties attract superstars like a moth to a flame.

From Melbourne to the Gold Coast, we take a look at the glamorous Aussie digs where celebrity sightings are practically an everyday occurrence: