08/27/2013 09:23 am ET

Japanese Dinosaur Prank Would Have Given Us A Heart Attack (VIDEO)

Japanese television pranks don't mess around. In this latest one, a man is confronted by everybody's number one fear and he reacts the only way you possibly could.

Had this been us, we never would have recovered.

Via Dangerous Minds


  • A True Friend
  • Completely Blown Away
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  • Pool Loungin'...
  • McDonald's Characters Come To Life
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  • All Tied Up
  • The Worst Way To Wake Up
  • Up, Up And Away!
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  • Nothing Like Live Television
  • The Dopest Elevator Ride
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  • Surprise!
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  • Someone Does Not Like PDA
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  • Teamwork
  • Superhuman Strength
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  • This Is Karma
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  • The Dirtiest Prank
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