08/07/2013 05:22 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Sally Jesse Raphael On Ellen DeGeneres, Today's Daytime Talk Shows (VIDEO)

One of the former daytime talk show queens, Sally Jesse Raphael stepped in front of the cameras again -- this time in HuffPost Live's studio as she spoke about the evolution of daytime talk shows, even sharing her thoughts on Ellen DeGeneres.

Raphael thought that DeGeneres' show wouldn't make it because of the host's sexuality, and the conservative viewers of daytime television.

"I would've predicted that the lesbian thing would've taken the red states and everyone would've said, 'Boo boo boo,'" she recalled.

Luckily Raphael was wrong, and a decade later, DeGeneres' talk show is one of the highest rated in daytime, even nabbing a seventh Daytime Emmy earlier this year for Outstanding Talk Show.

To hear Raphael's thoughts on DeGeneres check out the clip above, and to see the full segment from HuffPost Live, click here.