07/26/2013 05:25 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Gage Maska, 4-Year-Old Who High-Fived Obama, Is Our Favorite POTUS Expert Ever (VIDEO, GIFS)

This is Gage Maska.

He's 4, and kind of the awesomest kid in recent history.

Gage recently met the president when Air Force One landed at the Quad City International Airport in Illinois.

Now he can tell you everything you need to know about Obama.

To start, Gage understands how to properly address the POTUS.

He knows that the Secret Service's canines are no ordinary dogs.

He got that executive high-five, fo sho!

He and the POTUS even gave each other nicknames.

What's cooler than Obama? Nothing. Oh... actually Gage can think of a few things.

Keep on keeping on, Gage. You could be our bud any day.

Watch the President's newest bud's full interview below.