07/22/2013 02:11 pm ET

Improv Everywhere's 10th Annual MP3 Experiment Was Fake Mob Of Tourists (VIDEO)

Improv Everywhere's annual "MP3 Experiment" is an event where participants download the same MP3 file with crazy instructions and press play at the same time.

This year's experiment gathered more than 7,000 participants, instructed to dress as tourists and mingle amongst the real tourists at Manhattan’s South Street Seaport.

Participants did everything from crawling on the ground to handing out dollar bills to unsuspecting strangers.


  • A True Friend
  • Completely Blown Away
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  • Pool Loungin'...
  • McDonald's Characters Come To Life
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  • All Tied Up
  • The Worst Way To Wake Up
  • Up, Up And Away!
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  • Nothing Like Live Television
  • The Dopest Elevator Ride
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  • Surprise!
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  • Someone Does Not Like PDA
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  • Teamwork
  • Superhuman Strength
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  • This Is Karma
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  • The Dirtiest Prank
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