12/18/2006 06:44 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

SMITH & Huffpost Contest: Six-Words to Live by in 2007

--Romi Lassally

Last week I had to gush about the Six-Word Memoir Contest being held by our friends at the storytelling magazine SMITH . We received some great responses ranging from the personal ("Womb, bloom, groom, gloom, doom, tomb") to the political ("Dick has gun, duck and run") to the aw-shucks inspirational ("Be honor, live love, seek happy"). logo.gifInspired by this notion of a little saying a lot, we're partnering with SMITH for our first annual, Six-Word New Year's Resolutions Contest. Don't bother sitting down to write out your top 10 promises to keep - 9 of which you won't - leaving you wracked with guilt (which is no way to start the year). Instead, keep it short and simple: think of six words to live by in 2007 - for yourself, for a friend or even a politician who might need some prompting. SMITH and Huffpost will send our fab new Huffpost T-shirts to our favorite 10 -- and give everyone who writes in a chance to be considered for SMITH's forthcoming Six-Word Memoir book.

Arianna and Nora Ephron get the six-word sentences rolling with:

Arianna: Push Dems to seize the moment.

Nora: I am going to make Timpano

My six word sentiment for 2007? "Be greener, live leaner, speak louder." SMITH editor Larry Smith's is, "No biting, less fighting, more writing." Tell me yours - click here. And tell SMITH . We'll post the best of your answers on both our sites on January 2.