07/11/2013 04:37 pm ET Updated Jul 12, 2013

'Awkward Shake' Ad Doesn't Actually Show Men Masturbating -- But We Almost Fell For It (VIDEO)

Using masturbation to advertise a product has its advantages. It's a familiar activity to the young male demographic. It can also be funny, though mostly to that very same demographic. But if you're uncomfortable watching guys appear to pleasure themselves in For Goodness Shakes' protein drink ad (above), we totally understand.

"Ever have those awkward moments in public where you need a shake?" reads the ad's cheeky description on YouTube. "It's annoying when you just need a refreshing protein-rich release."

Oh boy, here we go...

The spot begins with a young man apparently servicing himself at a bus stop as an elderly woman squirms. Then it segues into other awkward public moments. In the climax (yeah, we went there) we finally see what's behind all that furtive shaking.

The commercial was released last month and is getting another look on the global advertising platform Ads of the World.

London-based For Goodness Shakes wanted "to create some noise among a young male audience," Jon Howard of the Quiet Storm, the ad agency behind the spot, said to WallBlog. "Their creative vision was quite broad."

You don't say?