03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Trends: The Lady Brooch


The brooch has been making a slow but steady comeback ever since Sarah Jessica Parker, the canary of the fashion coalmine, pinned a dazzling trio of Harry Winston brooches to her cashmere sweater in 2004. Now that First Lady fashion icon, Michelle Obama, loves to adorn her apparel with these festive pins, the brooch just might usurp the iPod as everyone's favorite accessory. Too conservative, you say? Pshaw. The brooch doesn't always have to be worn grazing the shoulder. I pin mine to a silk ribbon or velvet cord and wear around my wrist (I doctored a photo of Cameron below to demonstrate). You can also wear them in your hair, on a scarf, at the curve of your waist, and just about anywhere that needs a little panache.  Are you ready to "brooch" the subject? Good, then take a gander at the exquisite examples that my Splendora editors and I found for you below.

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