11/21/2006 03:40 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Bless The Moms Who Breast-Feed In Public Places

As I write this, mothers are staging breast feed-ins at Delta Air Lines ticket counters all over the U.S.

They are protesting the actions of a Delta-affiliated airline's flight attendant, who removed a passenger who was (gasp) breast-feeding her baby.

Even though Delta has formally apologized, the symbolism involved in the removal of this passenger from the aircraft still sticks in my craw. I am male, and I don't think I was breast-fed n public. But still:

The height of hypocrisy is that some of the same people who totally object to a mother breast-feeding her child in a public place are some of the same people who vote for "family values" conservative politicians.

Although discretion is certainly appropriate in some crowded public places, and a concealing blanket isn't a bad idea, I cannot think of a "family value" more basic than a mother feeding her child.

It's not as though the mother was stripping. Neither are we talking about a Janet Jackson "wardrobe malfunction," for heaven's sake.

What are you anti-breast feeders afraid of, anyway? That your own child will see what is going on and ask you, "Mommy, what is that lady doing with her baby?"

Then maybe that is a teachable moment to tell your child that some Moms like to feed their child directly and that we live in a free country where whether or not to breast-feed is up to the Mom.

And to you adults, I should point out we're talking about a mother who was breast-feeding her child, and who has made a conscious choice to do so rather than rely on chemically concocted formulas.

This woman- and so many like her- are breast-feeding the children that you pro-lifers ought to be glad she had, rather than aborted.