06/10/2013 06:15 pm ET

Judy Blume On The Death Of Her 'Go For It' Father

Beloved young adult and children's book author Judy Blume remembers a father who always encouraged her to "live, live, live."

Blume grew up in the fifties back when many parents -- including Blume's mother -- pressured girls to take the safe route. Nonetheless, Blume's father prompted her to try new things.

Although Blume's father passed away when she was only 21, she has many fond memories of her time with him and credits him as a great inspiration. When asked about how her father would feel about her literary success, she smiles and nods. "He knows," she says and signals to heaven.

Losing a parent is difficult, but, as Judy Blume shared in an appearance on HuffPost Live, its the memories that can keep them alive. To hear more about Judy Blume's touching relationship with her inspirational father, watch this HuffPost Live broadcast.