06/03/2013 01:24 pm ET

Brian Whitehead, Accused Of Taking Photo Up Woman's Skirt, Said 'Maybe I Was Trying To Light A Fart'

His alibi stinks.

A British man accused of trying to take a photo under a woman's skirt suggested that he could have been trying to "light her fart" on fire, the Bristol Post reported.

CCTV footage caught 39-year-old Brian Whitehead going into a bar last September and placing an unidentified object under a woman's skirt, according to the Post.

Prosecutors said the Bristol man was trying to take a photo, but police say Whitehead told them "Maybe I was trying to light a fart. It could have been a joke. Maybe someone says 'I bet you a fiver if you light her fart.'"

During his trial, Whitehead told the court he was just joking around, but he also denied he ever put a camera under the woman's skirt.

Nevertheless, he was found guilty this past week of outraging public decency, and will be sentenced on June 27.

Whitehead is not the only man who probably wasn't trying to light a fart.

A man who calls himself "John Zippy" has a whole blog devoted to up skirt photos of women on the New York City subway.

And in 2011, a teacher in Chicago was arrested after allegedly aiming his iPhone up a woman's skirt at an arts festival.