10/19/2006 01:35 pm ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Rush Limbaugh is Scared of Girls

Yesterday, without taking the time to watch them, Rush Limbaugh spent a fair chunk of time on his radio program blasting the "Remember Your First Time" PSAs, produced by "Women"s Voices. Women Vote," and Julie Bergman, which are aimed at getting the 20 million single women who did not vote in 2004 to vote on November 7th.

Rush's reaction to the PSAs reveals not that he's a caveman - we know that already - but that he'll say anything to keep young women who haven't voted before from going to the polls this round. He's scared of girls, especially ones that vote.

What got Rush going was a segment about the PSAs on Good Morning America?


It is not the "leftist position-mongering" that Rush obsesses on, nor his creepy, Viagra-induced sex fantasies about young voters.

Rush is thrashing around in his corner, because, as the GMA piece pointed out, "When men grow disillusioned with their politicians, with their party, they tend to protest by sitting out the vote. Not so with women. And that's another reason why women can have an even bigger voice in November."

That's right, women care about the issues and Rush doesn't like women thinking about those kinds of things. He doesn't want us worrying our pretty little heads.

Not only that, if 20 million additional single women did end up voting this time around, over two-thirds would likely vote democratic - because when women start looking into candidates and the issues surrounding this election season, women will vote for the person they believe is doing the right thing.

That fact alone has gotta give Rush cold sweats.

Rush is so threatened by the prospect of women paying attention, and voting accordingly, that he is grasping at any straw to discredit this awesome campaign. In a further effort to "question" the campaign's credibility, Rush made a bogus attempt to link Teresa Heinz as the PSAs' primary source of funding.

Rush also neglected to mention that the PSAs feature actresses from both political parties, and that they do not endorse any candidate or issue. They're just about voting.

I hope Rush's female listeners are deeply insulted. Rush does not want women to vote because he knows exactly what that means, and what better reason to find every single one of the 20 million single women who did not vote in the last election and tell them:

"The thought of you voting on November 7th scares the hell out of Rush Limbaugh and everyone like him, and that's some kind of power. Now, go vote."