04/23/2013 03:16 pm ET Updated Apr 25, 2013

How To Store A Silk Scarf To Prevent Wrinkles And Stay Organized (PHOTOS)

Silk scarves are a great accessory for spring. The bold prints and light fabric are perfect for a bit of warmth and a pop of color in between seasons. But the material makes them prone to unattractive creases. Luckily, our friends at Real Simple found a really clever way to store a silk scarf to prevent wrinkles.

Simply wrap the garment around an old paper towel roll and slip two elastic bands on the tube to hold the scarf in place. Kristen Smith-Hilton from Novella Style also recommends using tissue paper and a Ziploc bag if the original packaging isn't available.

We're down to try anything if it means one less trip to the dry cleaner. Plus, these ideas are really unique because they repurpose common household items that allow us to easily stay organized.

Click through our slideshow to see other unique cleaning and organizing tricks. And be sure to head over to Real Simple for more information.

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