04/21/2013 12:10 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

This Is Why You Shouldn't Use Your iPad To Film Videos (VIDEO)

YouTube: MsMiataMiss

Here's another reason you shouldn't be using your iPad to take videos, apart from the fact that you look like you're filming with a cooking sheet when you do so.

A video uploaded by YouTube user "MsMiataMiss" on Tuesday shows an older man using his iPad to film a softball game before...well, see for yourself below.

Doink! MsMiataMiss' video description notes that it's "amazing that it [the foul ball] didn't break the iPad," adding that the man filming was also uninjured. The attempted iPad murder occurred in Iowa at the University of Iowa girls softball tournament, according to the description.

So careful using the iPad for your photo needs. And then there's also this PSA from YouTube commenter "mrsarkey": "Vertical video with an iPad? Oh for f**** sake."

[h/t Digg]