04/14/2013 12:55 pm ET

Psy & 'Single Ladies': Singer Performs Beyonce's Hit At A South Korea Show

Proving that his dance moves extend past his trademark "Gangnam Style" shuffle, Psy took on an entirely different dance at a recent concert in South Korea.

The South Korean pop star donned a pantless get-up for a cover of Beyonce's hit single, "Single Ladies." In the video from the performance (shown above) Psy emulates Beyonce's dance moves from the single's music video. The performance also included a clip of Beyonce dancing to "Single Ladies" with Psy's face on Bey's body.

Psy recently released a new single, "Gentleman." Debuted Friday, the track includes its own choreography as well. "I tried to find Korean words that people from any country can easily sing along," Psy said of the song.