11/30/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Joy Behar, Ann Coulter Spar Over Death Panels, How "Coherent" Sarah Palin Is (VIDEO)

Joy Behar hosted Ann Coulter for the second edition of her HLN show, "The Joy Behar Show."

Behar and Coulter sparred over death panels, with Coulter defending the notion — popularized by Sarah Palin — that one proposal in the health care reform debate included government-run "death panels" to determine whether elderly people could live or die.

The two then discussed Palin herself, both agreeing that she has become very powerful but differing over how coherent she is.

"Nobody wanted to hear John McCain. Sarah Palin would show up, and she got audiences bigger than Obama," Coulter said.

"She's prettier, that's about it," Behar said.

"She's more coherent, she's conservative, she's actually a Republican," Coulter shot back.

"Ann — not for nothing — I like you, she's not coherent," Behar said. "The woman cannot construct a sentence!"