04/10/2013 07:54 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Tom Winter, Skateboarding Professor, Will Drift Into Retirement Later This Year

Tom Winter became an online hit last year when one of his students snapped a photo of the classics and religious studies professor skateboarding on the University of Nebraska, Lincoln's campus.

Now he's planning on coming to a stop -- Winter, 69, will be retiring at the end of this school year, after more than four decades of teaching, reported Lincoln, Nebraska's Journal Star.

A pilot and bicyclist in his spare time, Winter told the paper he'll spend his time flying to small towns in Nebraska and participating in bike tours.

“I believe I will wake up every morning knowing exactly what I’m going to do that day, and I may end up wondering how I ever found time for a full-time job,” he told the Journal Star.

Though a number of UNL students will remember Winter for his dual mottos ("questions take precedence" and "repetition is the best way of learning" as one Reddit user recalls), the rest of us will always have that viral image. The photo spawned a number of memes around the skateboarding prof, including our favorite: "Has a PhD in righteousness."

What got the Classics professor on a board some 15 years ago? Ease on an aging body, Winter told the Journal Star.

"I'm 19, but my joints are all of 68 years old," he said then. "Sometimes, walking is simply unpleasant."

(h/t Reddit)