04/03/2013 05:39 am ET Updated Apr 03, 2013

'The New Normal' Finale: A Wedding, A Birth, And A Runaway Help Everyone Find Family (VIDEO)

The freshman season of "The New Normal" ended in the most satisfying way possible. There were two things looming on the show -- the marriage of Bryan and David, and the birth of their child. So why not have it all come together at the same time? As in, Goldie's water broke during their wedding ceremony.

They didn't mind, though, because everything went perfectly and they got to welcome their baby boy into the world. "It’s nice to finally meet you," Bryan said to the baby. "I’m Bryan Collins. But you can call me ... Dad."

Jane opened up to Goldie, admitting that the past nine months had changed her in a profound and positive way. But afraid that Goldie would remarry her father, Shania ran away. When the gang found her on the beach, she said that this was the only family she wanted. This was when she and Goldie had found their happiness.

They also realized that this beach setting was the perfect place for a wedding -- so it was time for Wedding 2.0, starring Bryan and David. This time, it was just what they wanted with who they wanted.

All in all, it was a happy and satisfying place to leave the characters, which is a good thing. "The New Normal" never quite gained a big enough following to secure a second season yet. The show remains on the bubble at NBC.

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