05/26/2005 02:45 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

School Lunches???

Why is it that schools worry so much about health but at lunch time they couldn't care less? The food we eat has no nutrition or taste. Usually the unhealthy food taste best but in this case I would happily pick green beans with no butter over "Burger Buddies". Not only do we get poor quality meat but we get the added bonus of melted plastic that soaks in after a good nuking. The cheese for our nachos comes out of what looks like a giant paint can and tastes about the same as paint.

The most commomly used excuse is "Oh we can't afford organic food" but if the government would spend less money on weapons and more money on providing digestible food for the children who have to grow healthy we would all be better off.

[Note: Carson Meyer, 11, is the Huffington Post's youngest blogger]