11/22/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Peter Wehner: Glenn Beck Bad For Conservative Movement

Fox News host Glenn Beck is credited with helping bring down administration officials and drawing crowds to protest in Washington, D.C. But some prominent conservatives are worried Beck will hurt the party in the long run.

Former Bush administration official Peter Wehner wrote in Commentary:

[Glenn Beck's] interest in conspiracy theories is disquieting, as is his admiration for Ron Paul and his charges of American "imperialism." (He is now talking about pulling troops out of Afghanistan, South Korea, Germany, and elsewhere.) Some of Beck's statements--for example, that President Obama has a "deep-seated hatred for white people"-are quite unfair and not good for the country. His argument that there is very little difference between the two parties is silly, and his contempt for parties in general is anti-Burkean (Burke himself was a great champion of political parties). And then there is his sometimes bizarre behavior, from tearing up to screaming at his callers. Beck seems to be a roiling mix of fear, resentment, and anger--the antithesis of Ronald Reagan.

Wehner, an associate of Karl Rove, ran the White House Office of Strategic Initiatives under President Bush until March 2007.

On Sunday, conservative Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker said that what Glenn Beck was doing "empowers racists."

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