03/15/2013 03:55 pm ET

Warwick Davis Shorty Awards Interview: Actor Rips Twitter, Ricky Gervais & Peter Dinklage (VIDEO)

The Shorty Awards, which honor the best in social media, are coming, and they've begun to roll out interviews with nominees. We have to admit, we were utterly charmed by this clip of #Apps nominee Warwick Davis, who was a little confused as to what the Shorty Awards are and why exactly he was nominated for one.

Normally, we wouldn't cotton to someone jabbing Peter Dinklage, but Davis pulls it off. Plus, once the whole nomination thing was sorted, he worked in a nice slam on his "Life's Too Short" collaborator Ricky Gervais. A-plus. He's got our vote.

Watch the clip above and tune in for The Shorty Awards on April 8.