11/26/2009 09:15 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

In Blog Comment, Patricia Blagojevich Claims "A Widespread Media Attempt to Make a Fair Trial Impossible"

It's the media's fault.

In a comment on THE iLLINOIS OBSERVER blog -- which is written by your Huffington Post blogger -- former Illinois First Lady Patricia Blagojevich thinks "the incredible bias of the press in this state" represents an effort "to make a fair trail [sic] impossible" for former Governor Rod Blagojevich.


Rod is chasing after appearances on WLS-Radio, Howard Stern, The View, David Letterman, the Today show, the Early Show, Glenn Beck, etc. And it is the Illinois press that is scheming to influence the outcome of the trial? Sheesh.

In her blog comment, Blagojevich was ostensibly responding to a bit of snark in a story by THE iLLINOIS OBSERVER regarding the success of the former governor's "All Kids" health insurance coverage expansion that was recently announced and the inevitable former gubernatorial boasting that would ensue -- even though the expansion was unauthorized by the General Assembly and one of the abuse of power charges in the impeachment trial of the ex-governor.

However, the larger issue of the intense media scrutiny of Rod Blagojevich and its impact on the upcoming trial seem to be perched firmly upon the former first lady's mind.

These two lines -- "Cue insufferable crowing from Rod Blagojevich. Cue the gnashing of teeth by everyone else." -- provoked the following comment from Patricia Blagojevich (with a private corresponding e-mail address and IP address):

I find the last two sentences of your article both childish and offensive. It clearly represents the incredible bias of the press in this state and what could clearly be a widespread media attempt to make a fair trail impossible. It would be refreshing if at least some of you could behave in a fair and responsible way.

If there is a "widespread media attempt" to undermine the former governor's trial, THE iLLINOIS OBSERVER has been left off the invitation list from its colleagues. Dang. Perhaps the spam filter blocked it.


Here is THE iLLINOIS OBSERVER's response to Mrs. Blagojevich:

Dear Mrs. Blagojevich,

As you may know, the "All Kids" expansion by your husband's administration occurred without authorization or appropriation by the General Assembly. As a result, it was one of the abuse of power charges brought against him during the impeachment trial.

And as beneficial as the program may be to the children covered, we remain a nation of laws, not men or women, and the law exists as means to protect the very same children against the capriciousness of government officials who maybe less disposed to their well being.

Therefore, any "All Kids" claims of credit by your husband would be indeed be found insufferable by those whose respect of and adherence to the law is equally matched by their commitment to children. In the making of the American public policy, "means" and "ends" must co-exist within the framework of state and federal constitutions.

Finally, there are many in Illinois who believe that had the former governor himself behaved "in a fair and responsible way" during his term that he would still be governor today.

Thank you for reading.

David Ormsby

No 'good' deed goes unpunished, Mrs. Blagojevich.