03/08/2013 03:47 pm ET Updated Mar 08, 2013

Twitter User @Grawly Says He Has A Dildo Stuck Up His Butt, Livetweets Hospital Trip (TWEETS)

Twitter user @Grawly picked up good vibrations online after he began livetweeting an unusual trip to the hospital. On Thursday night, he told the world that a dildo he'd shoved up his butt was stuck.

"Yo guess who has to go to the hospital because he shoved a dildo up his ass and can't get it out," he tweeted. "(answer: it's me)."

The Daily Dot picked up on the Twitter user's predicament Friday morning, and since then, @Grawly has continued to entertain his followers.

But is it for real? On Friday afternoon he tweeted an alleged X-ray picture of the wedged dildo (above). Either way, we at HuffPost Weird News appreciate his sense of humor and hope he's feeling just fine.

Follow his dildo extraction adventure below.
(WARNING: The following slideshow contains adult language)