02/22/2013 09:13 am ET Updated Feb 22, 2013

Jon Stewart Snipes Obama On Drone Memos, SOTU Promise Of Transparency (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart took Obama to task on Thursday for his continued lack of transparency on U.S. drone policy and the mysterious memos justifying it.

The president went so far as to begin making concessions to republicans over their Benghazi questions rather than answer the call of members of his own party to come clean over drones. Begging Stewart to ask the question, "What is in those drone memos that is so terrible the White House will give anything, including information previously not seen about the Benghazi attacks, not to have to release them."

For more on that, Stewart then threw to Aasif Mandvi who, having "seen" the memos, was appropriately terrified. Watch the clip above.