02/22/2013 09:01 am ET Updated May 01, 2014

Need A New Artichoke Recipe? We Found Some Of The Best

How Sweet It Is

We know we have a little time before artichoke season is in full swing, but we just can't help ourselves. We love artichokes so much that we'll eat them in just about every meal. We love artichokes so much that one of our former editors has one tattooed on her arm. We love artichokes so much that we found you 30 of our favorite artichoke recipes to try out.

If you've never cooked an artichoke before, don't be scared! Check out our guide to prepping and cooking these lovely and thorny flowers. Even the most novice cook can make these things delicious. Aside from being fun to eat, beautiful to look at and crazy delicious, artichokes are high in fiber, folic acid and vitamin C. Delicious and nutritious is pretty hard to beat. Especially when you're talking about an ingredient we're inclined to dip in drawn butter.

How do you enjoy our favorite member of the thistle family? Let us know in the comments!

  • 1 Roasted Artichokes With Chorizo Dressing
    Foodie Crush
  • 2 Artichoke Soup
    Simply Recipes
    Get the Artichoke Soup recipe from Simply Recipes
  • 3 Baby Purple Artichokes Fried In Olive Oil
    Get the Baby Purple Artichokes Fried in Olive Oil recipe from SippitySup via Food52
  • 4 Artichoke Lemon Dip
    Simply Recipes
    Get the Artichoke Lemon Dip recipe from Simply Recipes
  • 5 Avocado And Artichoke Salad
  • 6 Orecchiette With Lemon Basil Pesto, Cherry Tomatoes & Artichokes
    Nicole Franzen
  • 7 Tortellini Soup With Artichokes
    Foodie Crush
    Get the Tortellini Soup with Artichokes recipe from Foodie Crush
  • 8 Grilled Artichokes With Garlic Butter
    Foodie Crush
  • 9 Sun Dried Tomato, Artichoke And Goat's Milk Brie Tart
  • 10 Herb Gorgonzola Artichokes With Parmesan Hollandaise
  • 11 Warm Chickpea And Artichoke Paté
  • 12 Springtime Barley Pilaf With Spring Peas, Asparagus And Artichokes
  • 13 Spinach And Artichoke Grilled Cheese Sandwich
    Foodie Crush
  • 14 Oil-Poached Artichoke Heart Salad
    Simply Recipes
    Get the Oil-Poached Artichoke Heart Salad recipe from Simply Recipes
  • 15 Artichoke Mac And Cheese Cups
    Bev Cooks
  • 16 Artichoke And Pancetta Italian Skillet
    Valentina Solfrini/Food52
    Get the Artichoke and Pancetta Italian Skillet recipe from Valentina Solfrini via Food52
  • 17 Spinach, Feta And Artichoke Dip
    Mark Weinberg/Food52
    Get the Spinach, Feta, and Artichoke Dip recipe from Oui, Chef via Food52
  • 18 Pan Fried Artichokes In Lemon Garlic Brown Butter
    Nicole Franzen/Food52
    Get the Pan Fried Artichokes in Lemon Garlic Brown Butter recipe from Nicole Franzen via Food52
  • 19 Cheesy Artichoke French Breads
  • 20 Fried Baby Artichokes
  • 21 Stuffed Artichokes
  • 22 Pan-Fried Artichokes, Fennel And Chorizo Tagliatelle
  • 23 Baby Artichokes With Garlic And Tomato
  • 24 Roasted Red Pepper Aioli And Steamed Artichokes
  • 25 Barley Pilaf With Artichoke Hearts
    Beau Gustafson
  • 26 Braised Artichokes With Lemon Vinaigrette
    Ray Kachatorian
  • 27 Cod With Artichokes And Chickpeas
    Kana Okada
  • 28 Grilled Artichokes With Green Olive Dip
  • 29 Parmesan Baked Artichokes
    How Sweet It Is
    Get the Parmesan Baked Artichokes recipe from How Sweet It Is
  • 30 Spinach Artichoke Orzo
    Get the Spinach Artichoke Orzo recipe from Macheesmo

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