02/12/2013 06:05 pm ET Updated Feb 13, 2013

Reddit User Seeks Schoolmate's Porn 'Doppelbangher;' Real Girl Apparently Finds Out, Responds

A Reddit user who posted in the social news site's "Doppelbangher" forum found himself the laughing stock of a NSFW corner of the Internet when his "crush" apparently found out he had been soliciting porn star lookalike photos.

The original request was posted on Feb. 9. The Redditor, who has since deleted his profile, posted a perfectly safe-for-work picture of a "friend" from high school and asked users to submit photos of pornography featuring women who resemble the girl in the original photo.

Boasting more than 8,000 subscribers, Reddit's "Doppelbangher" subreddit is designed to help people "Find a pornstar look-alike based on the image you post." The forum's description also warns, "If you are going to post a Facebook pic make sure the girl in the picture can't be traced back."

Apparently, this time, the picture was traced back, reports Gawker.

Posting from newly opened Reddit account u/wtfisthisbull, another user -- presumably the girl from the original photo -- posted a pretty great response to the search for the porn doppelgänger. Wtfisthisbull wrote that the picture "looks pretty identical to this girl! ;)," and embedded picture of a girl -- who bears a resemblance to the girl from the original photo -- holding up a sign that reads, "You're disgusting."

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Betabeat notes that, while r/Doppelbangher is amusing, it "speaks to a deeper pattern of casual misogyny and disrespect that permeates the site."

Sure enough, soon after wtfisthisbull posted the response, her picture was posted anew to r/Doppelbangher, with the tagline, "for someone else."

Reddit's many subreddits cover everything from cute animals to hardcore porn. But the seedier elements of the self-proclaimed "front page of the Internet" seem to be getting more and more attention, particularly since the unmasking of redditor Michael Brutsch, the man behind some of the site's most offensive pages.

Brutsch, who for years posted under the pseudonym Violentacrez, helped create and curate such subreddits as r/creepshots, r/chokeabitch and r/jailbait. Gawker reporter Adrian Chen exposed Brutsch in October 2012, sparking a national conversation on anonymity and "trolling" on the Internet.