02/05/2013 02:58 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Gay Italian Couple Share Their Love Story, Plans To Marry In New York (VIDEO)

An Italian gay couple -- Stefano and Federico -- will make their way across the ocean to New York to get married on Feb. 14 after being together for 11 years.

The couple posted a beautiful video on YouTube yesterday, sharing signs in Italian (with English captions) of how the two met and fell in love.

In a series of Frederico's signs, he writes: "We want to get married, because I love him ... But it will be in New York, because the laws in Italy won't allow us to do it here."

Watch Stefano and Federico's amazing and heartfelt video above and be sure to send them some well wishes in the comments section below.

(h/t HuffPost Italy)