01/28/2013 11:15 am ET Updated Jan 28, 2013

Connor Hadley, Ohio University Student, Captures Entire Year In One-Second Video Shots (VIDEO)

Connor Hadley, a video production student at Ohio University, documented an entire year at the university in a grand mash-up of seconds-long clips from each day, ultimately collecting those mini-moments at the beer pong table most often lost to time instead of captured to give university life its due glory.

The Maryland native’s highlights include a few pulls from the Natural Ice funnel, fire pits, flights, Facebook and the Firefly Music Festival. Hadley writes that he started randomly on January 24 of last year because he was inspired by fellow Vimeo user hey_rabbit.

See how he did. (Expect to see some drinking games and at least one fellow student flipping off the camera.)