12/28/2012 01:23 pm ET

Kristen Stewart's Attitude: Actress Doesn't Care What You Think About Her, Ignores Gossip

Kristen Stewart is a polarizing figure.

She's a famous actress beloved or hated by a particular breed of obsessive fan, hates to smile, takes risks in her work and doesn't give a damn what you think of her.

With the hype surrounding the final "Twilight" film and a cheating scandal that had her personal life splashed on the cover of every magazine and gossip site, Stewart is undoubtedly one of the most talked about people of the year.

In an interview with USA Today, the 22-year-old actress wouldn't address the current state of her relationship with Robert Pattinson -- it's her business and she doesn't care what you think anyway.

"People think they knew a lot about me before. They know even less now," she told the paper. "People will project whatever. It's a huge form of entertainment. As soon as you step outside your own life and look at it like that and think that you can shape something — you need to live your life. I'm just going to live my life, actually."

Stewart isn't wrong. Her life, or what's been reported about it, is a form of entertainment -- and one that brings in a lot of money. The "On The Road" star knows she's part of the giant Hollywood machine, and says she doesn't let gossip bother her.

"They don't write about my personal life. You know what I mean? The same exact thing about being able to choose your path and your career — you don't step outside your life and look at it like you're someone else," she told USA Today, adding that what's written about her is "the most disjointed, uninformed, and completely unsatisfying and completely depressing [stuff]."

It's likely a healthy attitude to take, given that every aspect of her personal life is scrutinized and Stewart has made it pretty clear she's above it all:

"It's not a terrible thing if you're either loved or hated," she told Newsweek earlier this month. "But honestly, I don't care 'cause it doesn't keep me from doing my sh*t."

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