08/16/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

"Operation Iraqi Baseball": Rachel Maddow Spearheads Support For National Team (VIDEO)

When Rachel Maddow reported a McClatchy story on Monday night about the Iraqi national baseball team, she didn't expect her brief mention of the team's dire financial straits "to be a huge deal."

However, in the days since the initial report, offers of financial assistance and shipments of much-needed uniforms and equipment came pouring in.

On Wednesday's show, Maddow called the response "overwhelming and honestly heartwarming." Her show, in conjunction with donors and the assistant coach of the team, is currently at work shipping the equipment to the team by Friday.

While the outpouring of support more than provided for the gear the team needed, Maddow urged viewers not to let "the generous impulse [they] had towards these Iraqi baseball players go to waste." To that end, a link has been posted on the show's website to Operation Give, an organization which provides humanitarian aid to combat zones.


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