12/05/2012 03:22 pm ET

San Francisco Cemeteries: Map Reveals Former Gravesites Hidden Beneath The City (PHOTOS)

San Francisco has long been a spooky town. Our Barbary Coast was a den of murder and crime, our serial killers have inspired blockbusters, Alfred Hitchcock regularly featured our landmarks and the largest mass suicide in history started on Geary Blvd.

And with this handy map of the city's historical cemeteries--now buried beneath our apartments and buildings--our lovely city gets even creepier.

Curbed first reported on San Francisco's forgotten cemeteries, pointing to a map created by San Francisco Genealogy. Curbed reported:

As Poltergeist taught us, any building erected on a former cemetery is doomed to be haunted by restless spirits. San Francisco was once chockfull of cemeteries until a collection of greedy developers, ambitious mayors, and mysophobics combined to oust them all.

Indeed, San Francisco cemeteries were wiped clean by the 1930s, freeing up precious land for developers. To this day, there are no public cemeteries within the city limits.

The removal of San Francisco's cemeteries to free up land has led to a few eerie discoveries over the years. This summer, beachgoers were surprised to find century-old tombstones climbing out of the sand at Ocean Beach after some excessive erosion.

"Instead of constructing another seawall, a makeshift revetment made of tombstones was dumped on the beach," explained Bill McLaughlin of the Surfrider Foundation to The Huffington Post. "The gravestones came from the Laurel Hill cemetery after it had recently closed due to pressure from developers."

Similar gravestones have reportedly been spotted in the Marina, Buena Vista Park and Noe Valley.

So where were these disturbed cemeteries? Click through our slideshow to find out: