11/14/2012 11:24 am ET

James Yoder, Hunter, Found Dangling Upside Down From A Tree

This probably isn't a story you want to share with your hunting buddies.

James Yoder, 63, of Johnstown, Pa. had to be rescued by firemen who found him dangling upside down from a tree after his legs got caught in a broken tree stand Saturday night, according to the Indiana Gazzette.

Yoder's hunting partner held his head somewhat upright for an hour while they both yelled for help. An off-duty fireman who lives near the area heard the screams and called 911.

"We have not figured out how he did it," Brush Valley Assistant Chief Al Pluchinsky said. "The stand actually broke, and that's how he got tangled up in it."

The AP reports that Yoder was taken to a local hospital, treated for minor injuries and released.

Yoder's ego might be bruised but he should consider himself lucky.

Just this week a hunter died after his tree stand gave way in Harmoney, N.Y.