10/07/2012 02:40 pm ET Updated Oct 08, 2012

Matt Cassel, Scott Pioli Ripped By Chiefs Fan's Plane Flying Over Arrowhead Stadium

The fans of the Kansas City Chiefs may have a more potent aerial attack than the team they support. With Chiefs quarterback arriving at Arrowhead Stadium with seven interceptions and five touchdowns to his credit this season, at least one fan took matters into to his own hands -- and to the sky.

Before Kansas City's game against Baltimore, a plane to fly over Arrowhead with a banner proclaiming, "We deserve better, fire Pioli, bench Cassel."

Earlier in the week, the Chiefs fan behind the banner lamented to how difficult it is to be a fan of the 1-3 Chiefs.

"We are not just losing, we are just getting demolished left and right," said "Eric," who wouldn't reveal his last name. "We are going to let them know exactly how we feel, we still love this team, we still want to see them succeed but man, they have got to give us something to hope for."

Click over CBS Sports to see a picture of the banner.

"There’s some passion behind that message,"
Corey Leuwerki, a pilot for the company hired for the job, told the Kansas City Star. "Because money is not normally raised this quick."