10/03/2012 05:02 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Brittny Gastineau Bares Her Nipples (On Purpose?) In Sheer Top (NSFW PHOTOS)


As you're probably well aware, we are eagle-eyed collectors of wardrobe malfunctions here on HuffPost Style.

That said, there are some style choices that simply cannot be deemed a malfunction, i.e., if you step out on purpose in a sheer top with no bra. Which brings us to: The Curious Case of Brittny Gastineau's Nipples.

Gastineau, 28, is a socialite whom you might remember from that Emmy-winning reality TV show "Gastineau Girls," and from catching the bouquet at pal Kim Kardashian's eventually doomed wedding. (She's also a model signed to Elite.) She seemed determined to show off that model figure on Tuesday night, as she headed to a Hollywood nightclub wearing a white blazer, a black lace top and some trendy printed pants. Looks like a super cute outf -- oh. OH. WHOA. WAIT.

Brittny, who's maybe engaged (no one seems to be sure), had to have known her top was sheer, right? We're highly skeptical that this is a "caught in the camera flash" sitch.

Malfunction? Maybe. But we're calling this as more like a bullseye for paparazzi lenses.

Scroll down to see the NSFW pic...

brittny gastineau

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