09/28/2012 09:03 am ET Updated May 01, 2014

Ombre Cake: How To Bake Them In Every Color (PHOTOS)

If you take a look at Pinterest, you'll quickly notice one trend: everything is ombre. On the forefront of that trend is the ombre cake -- and we just love them. Ombre cakes have become a popular choice for weddings (and rightly so), but we think everyone deserves an ombre cake -- wedding or not.

Blue, pink, yellow or orange, baking an ombre is easier than it looks. If you know how to make layered cakes, this will be a breeze. And if you're new to cake baking, the colors alone will get you through.

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  • 1 Blue Ombre Petal Cake
    The Hungry Housewife
    Get the Blue Ombre Petal Cake recipe by The Hungry Housewife
  • 2 Pastel Swirl Cake
    Get the Pastel Swirl Cake recipe (and video tutorial) by Sweetapolita
  • 3 Purple Ombre Rose Cake
    I Heart Baking
    Get the Purple Ombre Rose Cake recipe by I Heart Baking
  • 4 Key Lime Cake
    Alaska from Scratch
    Get the Key Lime Cake recipe by Alaska from Scratch
  • 5 Green Ombre Layered Cake
    Jens Just Desserts
    Get the Green Ombre Layered Cake recipe by Jens Just Desserts
  • 6 Orange Ombre Cake
    Better With Butter
    Get the Orange Ombre Cake recipe by Better With Butter
  • 7 Lemon-Lemon Ombre Cake
    Read Make Do
    Get the Lemon-Lemon Ombre Cake recipe by Read Make Do
  • 8 Strawberry Ombre Cake
    Krissy's Creations
    Get the Strawberry Ombre Cake recipe by Krissy's Creations
  • 9 Pink Ombre Swirl Cake
    Apt. 2B Baking Co.
    Get the Pink Ombre Swirl Cake recipe by Apt. 2B Baking Co.
  • 10 Pink Ombre Rose Cake
    Culinary Couture
    Get the Pink Ombre Rose Cake recipe by Culinary Couture
  • 11 Pink Ombre Mini Cakes
    Baking with Blondie
    Get the Pink Ombre Mini Cakes recipe by Baking with Blondie
  • 12 Brown Butter Pink Ombre Daisy Cake With Strawberry Jam
    Raspberri Cupcake
  • 13 Pink Rainbow Cake
    Call Me Cupcake
    Get the Pink Rainbow Cake recipe by Call Me Cupcake
  • 14 Ombre Petal Layer Cake
    Made From Scratch
    Get the Ombre Petal Layer Cake recipe by Made From Scratch
  • 15 Ombre Independence Day Cake
    Brit & Co.
  • 16 Blue Ombre Wedding Cake
    Rose Bakes
    Get the Blue Ombre Wedding Cake recipe by Rose Bakes