05/10/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Scritti Politti: April 9, 2009

Hello. Please to enjoy the following remix of the NOM "Gathering Storm Of Gay Marriage" commercial!

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: Meghan McCain's media strategy has paid off, to the six figures of big time, as the Daily Beast blogger/temporary advocate of body image issues has scored herself a book deal from Hyperion. The working title is, I believe, I Was Told There'd Be A Way To Impress My Father, and really, we can't wait for the blurbs.

Different Day, Different Sanchez: A day after I got cross with Rick Sanchez, Media Monitor Jon sends up a clip of Sanchez doing a really fine job pushing back on the recent "Defense Budget Cuts" myth, stacking up evidence, and drawing more supportable conclusions.

Honestly, Is the LEAST of the L.A. Times' Problems: James Poniewozik discusses the tempest in a teapot that landed on the front page of the L.A. Times today:

I wrote a column for Salon almost a decade ago when there was a similar "controversy" over USA Today's decision to run page one ads, and I don't have much different to say about this one: the only thing worrisome about bogus non-controversies like this one is that they show that the editors and J-school professors who wring their hands over them can't tell a real threat to journalistic integrity from a fake one.

Store it away: "The business conflicts that threaten good journalism are the hidden ones."

Romney Gets Ready: Apparently, Mitt Romney's big takeaway from the failings of the McCain campaign is: TRY NOT TO OWN SO MANY HOMES.

Your Daily Dose of Ewww: Okay, behind the headlines that read "House passes bill too gross to talk about" is the story of Oregon resolving a matter that needed to be resolved. And since it's resolved, please please please nobody make a "Gathering Storm" commercial on this subject.

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