05/09/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Michelle Obama's False Eyelashes: A Do Or Don't? (PHOTOS, POLL)

Today the Times of London observes that Michelle Obama was wearing fake eyelashes during her visit to 10 Downing Street last Wednesday. (See the rest of her outfit here.)

Writer Sarah Vine had strong opinions on the matter, too:

Those eyelashes weren't even trying to look real.

No, they were full-on, all-out diva lashes, the kind you normally find on D-list celebrities or in drag-act dressing rooms. The allure of the long lash is well-documented. They define and sexualise the gaze, making the eyes appear bigger (and therefore younger). Gazing up at someone through luscious lashes is considered an act of seduction; it's even entered the vernacular: "you batted your eyelashes at him".

What do you think of the first lady's look? Scroll down for poll.

See a photo of the false eyelashes here.