04/30/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Spring At Bebe Means Sexy Safari, Sexy Animal Prints, Sexy Ruffles, And So On...

Bebe described its new spring lookbook as a move toward chic, which piqued my interest, considering the mall favorite usually sits somewhere firmly in the middle of trendy and trashy.

Metallics, safari, ruffles--popular runway-inspired themes--are all there. Yet, nearly everything has been sexified. Like women's Halloween costumes, no Bebe shopper wants to be a cat, she wants to be a sexy cat. And for the store, it's not a safari shirt, but a sexy safari shirt.


The Sexy Sheen Safari Jacket ($149) with the Sexy Sheen Shirred Pencil Skirt ($89) is a good example. I like the details that come with the safari look, but not in shiny, tight, white polyester. I can't count the ways that fails.


The Panther Silk Strapless Dress ($129) is as literally jungle-inspired as they come. This handkerchief on steroids doesn't leave a lot of room for error (aka bending over), and if you're pushing 35, let's hope no one confuses the panther for a cougar.

There was one acceptable piece in the bunch. Click to see it.

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