07/25/2012 02:04 pm ET Updated Aug 03, 2012

Kindness Captured: Volunteers Spread The Love With Coordinated Acts Of Kindness (VIDEO)

Forget 'random acts of kindness' -- a group of volunteers decided to coordinate their efforts to spread love and happiness on June 30 this year. Taking place simultaneously in Syracuse, New York City, Dallas, Boston, Richmond, Va., and Seattle, 'Kindness Captured: A Day of Bravery and Kindness' was sponsored by two organizations -- American Bear Films and Guerilla Goodness.

The inspiration behind the concept? To "share the idea you can really brighten someone’s day.”

Volunteers were told to 'pull a mission, pull a location, then go out and do some good.' It was that simple! One particularly enthusiastic participant explained his mission: "We are looking for strangers and we wanted to provide them with some water because it is a hot day." Another volunteer said that they were giving notes with inspirational sayings to people on the street and improving moods all around.

The other coordinated acts of kindness ranged from picking flowers to give to strangers to spreading smiles and hugs.

Perhaps the event wast best explained by a conversation a member had with one of a passersby. When asked about his mission, the volunteer exclaimed, "He really appreciated it, he told me, 'Wow. I think its really cool that you guys are doing that.' And I told him 'Yeah, well it is not that hard.' The man said, 'I guess not, but I would never expect it.'"

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