07/21/2012 11:52 am ET

Grass Fed Steakhouse Grand Opening Saturday: Tour 'Airy, Light' Steakhouse

It's amazing what you can do in a month. Take Grass Fed, whose owners completely overhauled the 13-year-old Caffe de Luca in about that much time, giving the darker Old World-feel of the cafe a whitewashed, shabby chic makeover. This may not sound like a typical steakhouse, but then again, Grass Fed, which has been open in soft mode and opens officially this weekend, is anything but typical.

"We wanted something airy, light--even feminine--to turn the typical idea of a steakhouse on its head," said co-owner Scott Kay, who also owns Wood & Vine in LA. "We're trying to keep it affordable at a $25 prix fixe. It's not a dark, masculine clubby steakhouse."

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