07/11/2012 12:06 pm ET Updated Sep 10, 2012

Why Proposing Is Like Preparing For The Olympics

With the Olympic Games set to start at the end of this month, there is an air of excitement building around the world. As a Proposal Planner, it got me thinking that participating in the Olympics and proposing marriage have a lot in common. I asked my sports loving husband and business partner if he agrees and to my surprise, he did. Here is why:

Months or Years of Building a Foundation
Olympic athletes spend almost their entire lives training for the Games. They are dedicated to the singular goal of making it to the Olympics and earning the gold. Throughout the process they experience hurdles they have to overcome such as injuries and disappointments but still manage to build a strong foundation. Similarly, when someone is ready to propose, they are ready because of the strong base that they have built with their partner. They have overcome challenges, gone through ups and downs, and have wound up at a place where they are ready to go for the biggest prize.

You've Waited Your Whole Life for This Moment
The Olympics are really only a very short time period compared to the time it takes training, waiting, and dreaming of the games. When you're in a relationship, you spend months or years together building memories and thinking about the future. When the actual moment comes for you to propose and take the next step, it is only a very brief time. You've been waiting for this moment throughout your relationship and when it finally arrives, it will go by very quickly.

Very Memorable
When you are at the height of competition with the best in the world, there is going to be a lot of drama and memory-making. Because of the huge step you are taking and the meaning behind it, your marriage proposal it will be just as memorable. You want to make sure that you have planned ahead to make sure it's amazing because you will look back at this moment down the road. Make sure you have all your bases covered so that it is as special as possible.

Lots of Pressure
In the Olympics there is lots of pressure because you have to prove yourself in front of everyone and beat out the competition. The pressure is immense. Similarly, with the spread of social media, elaborate proposals have become more widespread, which unfortunately increases the pressure of making your proposal special. There is more pressure now than ever to make a proposal that is both unique and relevant to your relationship.

Game Plan Needed
In many of the Olympic Games (especially in the team sports), the participant(s) need to come in with a solid game plan. They need to know the atmosphere of the venue they will be playing in, who they will be playing against, what variables are at play, and most importantly what their strengths and weaknesses are. When you are ready to propose, you must absolutely have a plan and should know all that could vary on the day of (such as tardiness of participants or unpredictable weather). Use whatever talents you may have such as poetry writing or guitar playing to add a special touch to your proposal. Absolutely take into account what your partner likes and dislikes. Do not take your partner out on a cruise if she's liable to get seasick. A proposal planner would be helpful in this situation to take the stress off your mind.

Glory at the End
In the end, the years of training give the Olympic athlete gratitude for achieving all that they could at the Games. When you propose, you will receive your own prize, and that is a commitment from your partner to spend the rest of your lives together. All the time spent together creating amazing memories and building your relationship have all lead up to this. You can enjoy this moment because you have definitely earned it and can both look back at your amazing journey and look forward towards enjoying your lives.

Michele is a Marriage Proposal and Date Planner. She owns The Heart Bandits and has been featured in the NY Times, Globe & Mail, Daily Mail, Fox News, Houston Chronicle, and Orange County Register. Contact The Heart Bandits to have them plan your romantic date or marriage proposal. For more information about The Heart Bandits, visit