07/07/2012 09:17 am ET Updated Sep 06, 2012

Want to Find Information Quickly on the Web? Sign up for This Free Google Online Course Starting July 10

Are you usually in a hurry? Want to find information quickly on your phone or computer?

Most people want to find information quickly, but in general most people have really poor search skills. If you knew a few tips you could get that information quickly.

Starting Tuesday there will be a way to get those tips easily.

There will be an online, easy to follow short course available for free to anyone with a computer and access to the Internet taught by Dr. Dan Russell, a research scientist at Google who is in charge of User Happiness! View image

I love his title.

The course will run from July 10 (next Tuesday) to July 19, 2012, two weeks, and is called "Power Searching with Google." There are three classes per week which you can do from anywhere since it is online. There is a midterm and a final and if you pass both you will get a Google Certificate that you can hang on your wall, put on your resume, and use to impress your friends.

Sign up (and more details) here:
There is room for hundreds of students which is why it is called a MOOC or Massive Open Online Course. This is just the first of many courses to come on a variety of topics.

The course focuses on real everyday problems in search and gives participants the opportunity to connect with others in the course using Google Groups and Google Hangouts on Air. It will have lots of interactive activities to practice your new skills.

So make this a useful summer project. It is great for students, educators and anyone who wants who wants to find information quickly which is pretty much everyone.