07/03/2012 09:24 pm ET Updated Jul 05, 2012

LA Parking Ticket Increase Approved By City Council

The Los Angeles City Council has approved a $5 increase on parking tickets Tuesday. The fee hike is LA's sixth parking ticket increase in seven years. Officials hope the increased revenue will make a dent in the city's $238 million budget deficit.

Here are the ticket fines for some of the most common parking violations. Data according to KNX 1070 and KPCC:

  • Obstructing handicap spot or misusing disabled parking placard: $363
  • Parking in a bus zone: $293
  • Red zone parking: $93
  • Street sweeping violation: $73
  • Overnight parking fine: $68
  • Parking on a bridge or in a tunnel: $68
  • Expired meter: $63

The extra $8.4 million that the ticket increases are expected to generate will go toward LA's general fund budget, reports the Los Angeles Times, which means police officers and firefighters will benefit.

After approving the parking ticket increase, the City Council also voted to increase cost of LA Zoo tickets by $1.

Check out the entire list of parking violation fines, courtesy of KPCC.

Parking Fines

LA drivers can take some cold comfort in the fact that the increase isn't as high as it could have been; Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa had originally proposed a $10 increase.

Still, that didn't stop Angelenos from voicing their disbelief and outrage at the fine hikes on Twitter. One fee that's attracting a lot of ridicule? A $63 ticket for leaving your car in a snow removal zone.