05/26/2005 02:49 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Pesticides Are Bad For You?

Perhaps the best part of this latest "pesticides are bad for you" study is the name of the lead reasearcher: Dr Finlay Dick, of the University of Aberdeen.

Gardeners who use pesticides increase their risk of getting Parkinson's Disease. These ubiquitous chemicals hurt brain cells.

Another of my favorite pesticide topics involves the documented doubling or tripling of childhood leukemia because of household and front yard use of pesticides.

For Heaven's sake, if you have children, do not use pesticides and if you use pesticides, don't have children.

Most parks and school ball fields are sprayed with chemicals so toxic they should be illegal. Talk to your school officials and the local park and recreation people. If they fail to respond, write lots of letters. Children's lives are at stake.