02/22/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

6 Affordable Ways to Jump Start Your Diet

Weight loss is the most frequent New Year's resolution. This probably shouldn't be too surprising, considering that stress eating, holiday overeating and increased alcohol consumption results in an average of five to six pounds of holiday weight gain. One nutrition expert says that resolving to eat healthier in 2009 need not be an expensive proposition.

What is different this year is that the economic downturn has caused almost everyone to become price conscious. As people cut food spending, it is feared that they will cut back on healthy but relatively expensive items such as fresh fish, fruit, vegetables and whole grains in favor of cheaper choices.

But fast foods or cheap packaged junk foods are not the solution! Fortunately, eating foods that foster weight loss does not have to be an expensive proposition. It's possible to lose weight and lower your food bill at the same time.

The following are a few options to help you reach your weight loss goal and also save money. The idea is to select nutritious foods and eliminate high-cost junk foods.

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