01/15/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

The GiveList: A Holiday Resource for Tough Times

The stock market is down, Ponzi schemes are up and the rest of us are left trying to make ends meet and support our favorite causes. But just because we're poor doesn't' mean that we have to be stingy!

Two weeks ago, my friend Marnie Webb and I launched a site called the GiveList. Given the tight economy, we thought it would be helpful to aggregate ideas of ways that people can give to causes this holiday season that don't require a donation -- not that there's anything wrong with writing a check if you can!

It has been very heartwarming to see people around the country and the world tweeting and tagging ideas with #givelist and populating the site. Some of our favorites are:

* Donate your frequent flier miles to families of soldiers so they can visit them during the holidays.

* Adopt a senior to shovel their walk this winter.

* Send a note to someone who works for a nonprofit and thank them for what they do.

* Record a video about a cause that's meaningful to you and post it on YouTube.

Check out the lovely GiveList at the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra created to support arts organizations here. And see 71 ways to give without opening your wallet, or vote on your favorite ideas, click here. So, c'mon, join the GiveList party, send your favorite ideas, vote on them, share with them your friends and family. Help make the world a slightly better place during a dreary time.